Youth Group

“Youth Group” is a group of young adults between the ages of 18 to 30. Their objective is to involve and nurture the youth in Indian culture, social events and educational and sporting activities.

This group actively organises social gatherings, sporting events & cultural activities. Youth Group has 3 dedicated coordinators to manage the group and organising various activities. They also assist and participate in:

  1. Assisting teachers for Baal Sabha &KishorPushti classes,
  2. Volunteering with monthly events,
  3. Assisting in their local community,
  4. Fund raising for charitable causes, and
  5. Hosting and coordinating cultural shows

We encourage youth to take advantage of this service to enlarge your horizon in pushti sampraday.

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For any further info please email:  or contact our Youth Coordinator:

Akshay Butani: 0403569016                Neelank Shah : 0401836658           Sohil Sheth: 0423325323